Legacy Global Summit 2020

An Inter-generational bridge builder for emerging Entrepreneurs, and Government Agencies looking to access capital and investment deals.

A Virtual Conference
November 5 - 6, 2020.

Thur. Nov 5, 2020
Main Event / Time: 9:00am-3:00pm (EST)

Fri. Nov 6, 2020
Day Activities / Time: 9:00am-2:15pm (EST)
Award Gala Ceremony / Time: 2:30pm-4:30pm (EST)



Africa is on the verge of a significant economic renaissance. According to reliable sources, 5 of the 8 fastest-growing economies are expected to be in Africa, and by 2050 over 1 in 4 global consumers would be African. These numbers are a proof of that Africa’s economic landscape is taking a quantum leap; a rather appealing message to the rest of the world, signalling an invitation that Africa is open for business.

That corresponding effect of this can be seen from the exponential increase in the frequency of foreign visits to the continent. From high net-worth individuals, captains of industry, corporate giants, and government representatives from leading economies around the world, all showing a great amount of interest in the continent’s economic potential.

In the face of this rapid economic shift, we have decided to stand as a bridge between African businesses and potential foreign investments. As an organization dedicated to positioning African for profitable partnerships that will promote economic growth, we have created a platform that will help facilitate commercial and trade deals, leading to increased investment opportunities between the US and Africa.

This is what the LGS2020 is all about – enabling access, influencing connections, fostering networks and building profitable channels of revenue for African businesses and their global partners.

The initiative also aims to bridge the existing gap between established industry giants, and younger entrepreneurs. A synergy that will prove most useful toward the establishment of a holistic afro-commercial ecosystem in the coming years.

LGS2020 is a call to collaboration, support and partnership, for all who love Africa and seeks the economic and industrial growth of the continent. It is also an invitation to Africans in Diaspora to take advantage of this novel opportunity.

The conference, through panel discussions and plenary sessions, will focus on these four important goals:

1. Nurturing and strengthening long term business relationships between US and Africa
2. Opening up channels of sustainable business opportunities
3. Supporting growing African businesses
4. Fostering mutual business interests
5. Building a formidable ecosystem of trade and investment, that will enhance ease of doing business between the United States and Africa.

We will work with the support of partners from Start-ups, SMEs, the Private Sector, Government Agencies, Donor Agencies, Angel Investors, Private equity firms, Technical Partners, Public-Private Partnership units of States and Countries, Trade and Investment divisions of embassies, Africans-In-Diaspora, amongst others, in actualizing this vision.

African economies are about to experience a great turn around, with trade and investment as leading contributory factors. We look forward to successful trade deals being brokered, channels of investment opportunities created, exchange of ideas, as well as bonding handshakes signifying shared values, trust, and commitment.

Here’s to a better future for us all.

I welcome you to premier edition of the Legacy Business Summit.

Thank you.


The Legacy Premier Foundation is a Global Non-Profit Organization passionate about offering dynamic solutions to socio-economic issues faced by industries, corporations, and developing nations, by establishing access, networks and partnerships between Government Institutions, Economic Agencies, Parastatals and the Private Sector.


Repositioning Africa for profitable partnerships

The World Bank report underscores smaller African economies are making remarkable impact across the continent. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that will enable emerging entrepreneurs thrive in by bridging the existing gap between businesses in Africa and the financial opportunities available to them globally. We aim to achieve this by enabling access to international networks and other business-scaling opportunities, thereby addressing the financial and economic issues facing African businesses.

The Summit will also host business personalities, industry leaders, investors, educators, statesmen, diplomats, delegates, university faculty representative and students – for the purpose of learning, and global engagements. It will also feature workshops, plenaries, access to capital, and sessions on Intergenerational dialogue

Sponsors and donors will have access to over 200 businesses on-site and by proxy which are prospective contacts that can help to meet their business objectives. Agencies and institutions such as Small Business Administration (SBA), EXIM (Export and Import Bank), OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation), Commercial Banks, Chambers of Commerce, Africa Development Bank (AfDB), World Bank, The Diplomatic Community, higher institutions of learning, to mention a few.

Top Reasons to attend this summit:

  • It is participant-driven conversations, panel discussions, and breakout sessions
  • Thought leaders will share expertise and resources
    Join other attendees for intentional networking and interactions with changemakers
  • Public-Private Partnerships with cross-sector collaborations
    Diversity and Inclusion
  • Intergenerational Business Bridge

Topical Highlights


Hospitality & Tourism








Real Estate


Nicole Woods

Business Dev Specialist, Export-Import Bank of the United States

Legacy Global Summit Africa
Max Sutherland

President & CEO, World Trade Center Atlanta; Chairman, Board of Directors UBTS International, Inc.

Legacy Global Summit Africa
Dr. Menna Demessie

Vice President of Policy Analysis and Research Congressional Black Caucus Foundation




The initiative was founded on the premise of bridging the existing gap between businesses in Africa and access to international networks and other business-scaling opportunities, especially in the US.

As part of her vision, The Legacy Premier Foundation is committed towards enhancing US – Africa business interactions by leveraging our network of influence in business, legislature, and the global community at large.